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Socketfast Blue (A-20)

SOCKETFAST BLUE is a premeasured, two-component, unfilled thermoset polyester resin composition specifically designed for making poured or potted terminations on Phillystran® ropes. When using SOCKETFAST BLUE, washing of the fiber prior to socketing is not necessary. SOCKETFAST BLUE will harden and cure at room temperature. Where immediate use of the cable assembly is required, SOCKETFAST BLUE can be fully cured in a matter of minutes by the application of heat*. When properly applied, SOCKETFAST BLUE produces reliable, highly efficient terminations.

Viscosity, Mixed Resin and Hardener 200-400 cps
Working (Pot) Life, 73 ° F (22.8 °C) 20 to 30 minutes
Cure Schedule, Room Temperature, 73 °F (22.8°C)      24 hours
*Elevated Temperature, 150 °F (65.5°C) 5 minutes
Shore Hardness 85 D minimum
Compressive Strength > 10,000 psi
Impressive Modulus of Elasticity 5.0 x 10 5 psi
Heat Distortion Point 150 ° F (65.5 ° C)
Shelf Life (Storage at not above 80 ° F (26.7 ° C) One year from date of manufacture in unopened cans   
Package Weight, Resin 490 grams (in pint can)
 Catalyst 5.2 grams (in plastic bottle


HAZARDOUS MATERIAL: This material is considered hazardous material for air and sea shipments and may require special packaging. The CAS number for the styrene monomer is 100425. The UN number is 1866. The CAS number for the hydrogen peroxide in the catalyst is 7722841 and the associated UN number is 3105. 

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Phillystran manufactures high tenacity fiber ropes, strands, braids and strength members from fibers such as Kevlar®, Twaron®, Technora®, Vectran®, Dyneema® and Zylon®. Phillystran also manufactures polyester ropes for specialized applications. Phillystran products are used worldwide in a broad range of marine, industrial and military rope applications including mooring lines, life lines and winch lines, boat rigging, structural and support lines, power cables and broadcast tower guy cables.